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➞  No Duping, Hacking, Ban Evading, Glitching or Exploiting game/mod mechanics
➞  No Cheating, Meta Gaming or Stream Sniping
➞  No Abuse, Harassment or Inappropriate behavior. Be civil and respectful.
➞  No Combat Logging (You must wait 5 minutes after combat if you must log out) 
➞  No Inappropriate uses of ingame global or voice chat 
➞  There is a 500m Safe Zone radius around the Traders  
➞  The Traders regularly relocate around the map, be sure to keep an eye
      on #roaming-traders ( in discord )  to be updated on their whereabouts 

➞  Players are not permitted to actively camp around the Safe Zone 

➞  No taking items within the Safe Zone that are not yours
➞  No trolling, getting into other players vehicles, or spamming voice chat
➞  No leaving vehicles unattended for long periods of time within the Safe Zone. They will be deleted 
➞  No following or baiting players out of the Safe Zone
➞  no combat evading by entering the Safe Zone. 
➞  Bases must be structurally sound, logical and not defy gravity
➞  Please do not build excessively large bases
                     - this will affect other players in the area and overall server performance.

➞  Admins may ask you to downsize if they deem your base excessive. 

➞  There must be at least 1.5 meter separation between base building (walls, doors, gates, floors ect) 
                     - for references, your character should be able to be prone and fit between the seperation. 

➞  No multiple stacking of base items (ie tents, barrels) or base buildings (ie walls, fences) 

➞  You are not permitted to use indestructible items to block off 
➞  No building towers to camp/shoot into Military Zones 

➞  No Base Building within 500m of any Military Zone, Airfield or Prison Island
                     - Checkpoints with 3 or more tents/barracks are considered Military Zones 

➞  No glitching or exploiting into bases 
➞  No attacker is permitted to block areas/doorways while raiding.
➞  No building/placing floating items for raiding purposes or to boost into the air. 
                     -Yes you can stand on a teammates head or stand on a barrel to get a height advantage. 
                     -No you may not place a heavy locker on top of a civilian tent to boost into the air. 

➞  No logging out inside of a base you are raiding until you have taken down their territory flag 

➞  If you are to log into a base which is not yours, you MUST contact an admin to get teleported out or F11. The base is not yours and it is not realistic to appear suddenly inside someone’s home and start breaking down walls. This will result in a ban. 

Compensation rules 

If you are requesting compensation for lost items, you must provide admins with adequate evidence. 

You must prove that the loss of items was no fault of your own,
but as a result of an ingame issue/glitch.

Compensation requests without any evidence will be rejected. 
(This excludes issues surrounding victims of players breaking rules)

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