NO Duping, Hacking, Ban Evading, Glitching or Exploiting game/mod mechanics
NO Cheating, Meta Gaming or Stream Sniping
NO Abuse, Harassment or Inappropriate behavior. Be civil and respectful.
NO Combat Logging (You must wait 5 minutes after combat if you must log out)
NO Inappropriate uses of ingame global or voice chat
There is a 500m Safe Zone radius around Green Mountain, Coastal Trader and Klen No combat of any sort is allowed within 500m from the middle of Trader.
NO taking items that are not yours in the Trader Zones
NO trolling, blocking doorways OR getting into other players cars,
NO  closing gates on cars or spam voice chat
NO leaving vehicles completely unattended. They will be deleted
NO following players out or bait them outside of the Safe Zone
NO actively camping the trader zone or combat evading by entering the Safe Zone
Drug Dealer and Black-Market Trader do not have Safe Zones
NO Base Building within 1000m of the Traders, Drug Dealer or Black Market
NO Base Building within 100m of another base or the Cement Mixers
NO Base Building within 500m of any Military Zone, Airfield or Prison Island

- Checkpoints with 3 or more tents/barracks are considered Military Zones
NO Building towers for camping/shooting at Trader Zones or Military Zones
NO Gravity defying bases. They must be structurally supported and not float
NO Use of indestructible items to block access points, doorways, windows/roofs
NO Building around airdrop or spawn locations
NO Stacking same size tents within tents.
Please do not build excessively large bases. Admins may ask you to downsize if it is causing server performance issues.

NO Excessive use of doors/gates within bases
-3 doors/gates (2 airlocks) permitted per main entrance
- 1 doors/gates per room permitted within a base

Doors and Gates must be a minimum of 1 floor blueprint apart 
(excluding main entrances)

NO Excessive wall stacking. Anything more than 3 will be deemed excessive
NO Glitching into, Blocking off or Griefing bases.
NO Building/placing floating items or buildings for raiding purposes.

They must have structural support
NO Building BBP single stairs to raid buildings, you must build sufficient structures
NO Stacking or glitching items in order to boost in the air
NO Running at walls, alt look or 3rd person glitch in order to dismantle
Yes, you may stand on teammates heads, or stand on a car or place a barrel down to get a height advantage, but you may not place a heavy metal cabinet on top of a flimsy civilian tent. It must be realistic and logical.  
NO Logging out inside of a base during A RAID
to take over a base, you must have access to ALL areas and doors to claim it

NO attacker is permitted to block areas/doorways while raiding.
If you are to log into a base which is not yours, you MUST contact an admin to get teleported out or F11. The base is not yours and it is not realistic to appear suddenly inside someone’s home and start breaking down walls.
This will result in a ban
Vehicle instability/ despawning

Vehicles are to be used at your own risk, as it states on all vehicle trader signs at each trader zone.

Admins will not compensate you for any losses of vehicles or gear inside vehicles

(this doesn't include players stealing your vehicle at trader, that is against the rules and punishable)

Vehicle Flip mod has now been added. Aquire a wrench to flip your own vehicles and get them unstuck. Admins will no longer be providing NRMA Roadside now that this mod has been added.
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