NO Duping, Hacking or Ban Evading
NO Glitching or Exploiting game/mod mechanics
NO Cheating, Meta Gaming or Stream Sniping
NO Abuse, Harassment or Inappropriate behavior. Be civil and respectful.
NO Combat Logging (You must wait 5 minutes after combat if you must log out)
NO Inappropriate uses of ingame global or voice chat
500m Safe Zone radius around Green Mountain, Coastal Trader, Kumyrna & Klen
You are NOT permitted to take items that are not yours from the Trader Zones
You are NOT permitted to troll, block, close gates on cars or spam voice chat
You are NOT permitted to leave cars completely unattended. They will be deleted
You are NOT permitted to steal or remove anything from other players vehicles
You are NOT permitted to get into other players vehicles without their permission
You are NOT permitted to follow players out or bait them outside of the Safe Zone
You are NOT permitted to camp the trader zone or combat evade by entering it

Drug Dealer and Black-Market Trader do not have Safe Zones
NO Base Building within 1000m of the Trader Zones, Drug Dealer or Black Market
NO Base Building within 500m of any Military Zone

- Military Zones refer to all Airfields, Prison Island and Military Bases
- Checkpoints with 3 or more tents/barracks are considered Military Zones

NO Building bridges to islands or blocking existing bridges
NO Building towers for camping/shooting at Trader Zones or Military Zones
NO Gravity defying bases. They must be structurally supported and not float
NO indestructible items to block off access points, doorways, windows or roofs
NO Excessively large bases
- Admins may ask you to relocate or downsize as it may effect performance
- Your base may be subjected to deletion or downsizing by admins if we can not contact you through discord.
(If in doubt, please ask an admin and we will be happy to check!)

NO more than 2 vehicles per base
NO Building backwards doors or walls to avoid raiding
NO Stacking same size tents within tents. Only 1 gate per tent entrance permitted.
NO Excessive use of doors within bases

- 3 gates (2 airlocks) permitted per main entrance
- 1 gates per room/section after that
Admins may delete gates that are deemed excessive and unraidable
C4 is the only base raiding tool currently available on our server
- Heavy breaching charges can destroy all base buildings
- Homemade breaching charges can destroy vanilla wood and T1 base building
NO Glitching into bases
NO Griefing or Blocking off bases
NO Building floating structures for raiding. They must have structural support
NO Stacking or Glitching items in order to boost in the air
NO Placing floating items or objects for raiding purposes
NO Running at walls, alt look or 3rd person glitch in order to get the dismantle option. This is illegal raiding

- Yes, you may stand on teammates heads, or stand on a car or place a barrel down to get a height advantage, but you may not place a heavy metal cabinet on top of a flimsy civilian tent. It must be realistic and logical.
NO Logging out inside of a base during/after raiding unless you have taken it over
If you are to take over a base, you must have access to ALL areas and doors to claim it

- This must be done at the end of raid & not during, as you don’t have full access.
NO attacker is permitted to block areas/doorways while raiding.
If you are to log into your base which has been raided and taken over, you MUST contact and admin on discord to get teleported out or kill yourself.
The base is no longer yours and it is not realistic to appear suddenly inside someone’s home and start breaking down walls. This will result in a ban.
There are additional rules to the Deer Isle Server:
NO Base Building within 600m of Stonington City Center
NO Base Building on Oil Rigs
NO Base Building underground

- This includes caves, tunnels, bunkers or buildings under the ground


NO blocking trader doorways
NO inappropriate use of global chat
NO Glitching, Exploiting, Meta Gaming or Duping

NO Hacking, Cheating or Ban Evading
NO Abuse, Harassment or Inappropriate Behaviour. Be civil and respectful. Simple.

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