Please use the DZSA Launcher to Auto download all mods when joining.

It is a simple fast and easy way to keep track of all DayZ servers!

Download @ DZSA Launcher

Servers restart every 4 hours. 4, 8, 12 AEDT

Safe Zone Perimeter Rules.

Please refer to the images above in regards to the Safe Zone. Perimeter Rules 200 meters surrounding the location is a Safe Zone + an additional 200 meters has been added as a Grace Zone for players entering or exiting the zone.

You may only engage in combat outside of the 400m perimeter with other players.



You are NOT permitted to steal or remove items from other players under any circumstance.

You are NOT permitted to follow other players in or out of the Trader Zone.

You are NOT permitted to camp the trader zone under any circumstances.

You are NOT permitted to troll at the traders or spam your microphone.

You are NOT permitted to block doorways or close trader gates while cars are entering/exiting.

You are NOT permitted to build in trader zones.

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