Please use the DZSA Launcher to Auto download all mods when joining.

It is a simple fast and easy way to keep track of all DayZ servers!

Download @ DZSA Launcher

Servers restart every 4 hours. 4, 8, 12 AEDT


You are NOT permitted to steal or remove items from other players under any circumstance. You are NOT permitted to follow or shoot other players going in or out of the Trader Zone. You are NOT permitted to combat evade by entering the trader zone. 

You are NOT permitted to camp the trader zone under any circumstances. 

You are NOT permitted to troll at the traders, nor throw toxic grenades or spam your microphone. 

You are NOT permitted to block doorways or close trader gates while cars are entering/exiting. 

You are NOT permitted to build in trader zones. 

You are NOT permitted to leave cars completely unattended in the trader zone, they will be deleted.


NO Glitching or Exploiting.

NO Combat Logging or Meta Gaming.

NO Hacking, Cheating or Duping.

NO Abuse or Inappropriate Behaviors.

NO Spamming In-game Chat or Discord Chats/Channels Be respectful to fellow community. members and staff. 


NO abuse or inappropriate behavior to other players or groups.

NO racist, homophobic, sexist or any form of derogatory comments are to be made.

NO forms of harassment will be tolerated Be civil and respectful. Simple.

BASE RULES Servers #1 & #2

NO Base Building within 500m of any Military or Trader Zones. 

NO Base Building within 50m of any Police Station. 

NO Blocking access to Water Pumps, Gas Stations, Military Zones, Lumber Piles or Coastal Bridges. 

NO Use of indestructible items (tents, ect) to block of doorways or bases. 

NO Exploit or Glitched Bases. 

NO Using items to glitch into bases (includes logs,plots,wheels,roofs, etc).

NO Placing or building floating objects/buildings. 

NO Griefing or Blocking off peoples bases.

NO Partially blocking off bases, if you are to take over a base you must have access to all areas.

The general rule of thumb for base raiding is that if you can to it in real life you can do it in-game. Yes you can stand on your teammates head and make a tower, or stand on a car and jump into someones base. No you cant build floating structures or pillar vertically to boost into bases.

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