Jun 13, 2018

Manhunt - Tentative Date 23rd June 2018 @ 9pm AEST


Hi all, I am in the process of getting some artwork done for this, but have a team lined up, Benfruit will be the target, with Tezmatelive, Simply_Sabre, Isaac and Fatty Kent as bodyguards, all will be streaming as well. So start gearing up, prizes breakdown will be announced in the video, cash prizes (must have a PayPal account to enter) as well as physical items as well. Bounties on targets as usual, with prizes for most kills and a random prize for someone who enters. Donators to the community will get priority entry as always, we support those who support us.


$200 in PayPal cash

SteelSeries Rival 110 mouse

SteelSeries Kana CS:GO Limited Edition mouse

Siberia Raw Prism gaming headset


Make sure you follow my YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/c/Boydy73 for more information once its released.


Jun 15, 2018

In game name - Lil Fella

Discord - Divination#2565

I am a Subscriber and a Donator.

Good luck!

P.S Ben are you ready to get bumfucked?

Jun 15, 2018

Please Register for events in the Event section up top :) or on the main page.

14 hours ago

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  • About The Event: Remember this Event is hosted on a Private Hive, So all gear you use in the event needs to be looted on the PIPSI.NET Private Hive servers. Date: Saturday 06/10 Time: 9pm AEST Location: Pipsi Server .63 Experimental (renamed on the night) Target: Benfruit. Boydguards: Isaac, Boydy, Tezmatelive & SimplySabre. Prizes: To claim the Cash prize, kill the man who is being hunted (Benfruit). This can either be done by the eliminating of the 4 bodyguards and capture of Benfruit ($50 extra), or alternatively killing him. Group up in clans, or run solo but make sure you are prepared for the event and fully kitted! Your only objective ladies and gents is to kill or capture Benfruit and kill anyone who stands in your way. Event Location will be released on the night via Twitter @pipsicommunity and @Boydy_73. $200 cash, $50 for target plus bonus $50 if you capture him alive, $25 per bodyguard. Most kills gets SteelSeries kana csgo limit edition Gaming mouse and siberia raw prism gaming headset. Random entry prize will win a SteelSeries Rival 110 Gaming Mouse just by participating. Prizes provided by Pipsi.net and Boydy73 RULES/INFO Do this to get in game name working in .63 (in game name is needed to play!) You must Register for the event to play (EVENTS button up top). You must be on the pipsi.net Official discord during the event ( https://discord.me/pipsicommunity ). There will be kill logs posted live on the server. There will be information/locations and clues given out about the target posted live on the server. You must use the same name in game as registered for the event. MAKE SURE you have your in game messages turned on so you can see all server announcements about the event. If anyone is caught cheating in ANY way they will be removed from the event and banned from all pipsi servers. This is a 'first in, best dressed' style sign up, The server currently has 60 slots, however it is encouraged to register even if 60+ people have signed up, because you will be in 'reserves' slot. In order to participate in this event you must register on this website in the Events section. ALL PLAYERS MUST BE ON PIPSI DISCORD FOR THE EVENT " https://discord.me/pipsicommunity " USE THE SAME NAMES IN GAME AS ON DISCORD OR YOU CANNOT WIN! Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of or gain an unfair advantage over other participants (Hacking/Duping/Ghosting) will be dealt with accordingly. Pipsi Subscribers get main priority in all Major events. LOOTING UP FOR THE EVENT (SERVER LOCK INFO) 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS SERVER 2 WILL BE RENAMED TO THE EVENT SERVER AND WILL BE LOCKED WITH A PASSWORD FOR LOOT PURPOSES ONLY. MESSAGE AN ADMIN ON DISCORD FOR THE PASSWORD TO THE SERVER.IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE RULES YET THEY ARE AS FOLLOWED: DO NOT kill anyone. DO NOT block doorways or exits in an attempt to trap people. DO NOT unpin/throw grenades or arm landmines. DO NOT feed anyone anything (eg. disinfectant or gasoline) DO NOT tie up or handcuff anyone up what so ever The breaking of any of these rules will result in a ban from the community and the dayz servers. To report any of these rules being broken contact an admin on discord and make sure you screenshot ingame their name by either checking their pulse or the pop up if they are to tie you up (or most preferably record it) If anyone who is not in the event joins the server they will be banned, as well as if anyone is found giving the password out to those who are not in the event. Registered Players Target: Benfruit | $50 + $50 for capture Boydguards Isaac | $25 Fatty Kent | $25 Tezmatelive | $25 SimplySabre | $25 Registered players (Updated Daily) Vengeful Scotty SimplySabre Lil Fella JollyJoshy MexicanChunky Cobber dm4 Phantom Streamer UnseenEyes WeLovePutin R.BoyT EloquenT ChicKz Dmitri Taco Goof3y Soul CanisterS Daequan89 Camicles deagle_shot Soggy SkyRipper Peta Spazzy Soul Moogavie John Recoome Shabinga Levi unbelvble Syntax RecluseGamer El Pacer Kane Vertex Dylan zebleck RustedRobot SirPinkman epoptic Alfa GTV lki26wa bird143 lowrider Ceetees Taz Gabriel Angus swanney MrDenz
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