Dec 20, 2018

Ban appeal

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I didn't think about what i said in the side chat to my friend and i thoroughly regret it. I will not use racist remarks again and i will think about my actions from now on.



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  • Hello :) I was banned of the Pipsi discord a really long time ago and I can't remember what for. So I want to get unbanned, what ever I did, I am sorry for my actions probably shouldn't have done that. Cheers
  • G'day I'd like to appeal a ban that was given to me almost 3 days ago for a good reason, I had said a racial slur (The N word) in side chat to see if my friend could see it and was banned 3 minutes later and was wondering if I could get it lifted so I can play on the server again as I been playing Pipsi for quite some time now My ingame now has been changed to: Mr Culo but was suvivor(?) at the time My steam gID: your admins are very quick with the banning system and I admire that (: thank you for your time
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