Sep 5, 2018

SCUM Server #2


So here's the deal everyone. Our 2nd SCUM server is just around the corner but before we can all play on it, We need your help!


I've created a Strawpoll to vote for things to be added/changed in the server.

The options with the most votes will be included in the final version of our new server.


For this to work we want as many votes as possible in as short time as possible, It is MULTIPLE CHOICE, So please do pick multiple answers on the poll.


Share the poll to your friends and collect more votes, The server now lies in the communities hands.

New Posts
  • Hi Guys and Gals, It has been proposed that a Whitelisted Server be set up for SCUM. This would be additional to the current Vanilla server. What we would like form you, the PIPSI Community, do you think the idea is feasible, is there a place for a Whitelisted server for SCUM? What would you like to see with the server, there are many things that the Admins can do, Faster fame, lower damage Mechs, no Puppets. Also what would you like to see in the way of SCUM Events? Put your ideas forward and lets what ideas are out there. Please keep them as sensible as possible. No Racist/Sexist etc comments.
  • Hi, I have spent all day on your SCUM server (which I must say is really nice) then a guy appears out of no where and kills me. He literally had hacks and rewened a days worth of loot, please ban.
  • With the excitement building around the release of SCUM, pipsi have decided to give away 5 copies on the release day! To enter, simply reply to this post on Facebook @ You can also up your chances to win by registering and follow us on other platforms listed below. It’s that simple! The winners will be announced on the 29th of August, we hope to see you all on the SCUM servers that are coming soon! Come join us! Register @ Join us on Discord @ Follow us on Twitter @ Reply to this Facebook post @
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