Nov 21, 2018

New clan !


Edited: Nov 21, 2018

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that Blade and I have started a new clan. The previous clan we were a part of was just a hive of inactivity, and with Dayz Beta coming in we both felt like new beginnings and so here we are! We have a channel on the Pipsi discord for now because its easier to find other players who might be in need of a group to play some Dayz. We are looking for:

- Active DayZ Standalone players - Australia / New Zealand - 18+ - Experience not necessary - We enjoy a bit of banter - Serious play is encouraged during in-game situations - We focus on teamwork, travelling the map in groups working towards a common goal.


If that sounds like you, jump in our channel (F>E Recruiting) and go from there!

New Posts
  • Is everyone allowed to take over full areas (Buildings) like the base up nth that has taken over the whole of the lumber yard. It stops anyone from getting anything, It still spawns all the lumber and gear inside it so its an unfair situation where in theory you can take over any building / town and lock it out for anyone else to even go in there and use all its stuff and nobody else can. Needs to be some sort of restriction to where you can build in and around buildings. Maybe not allowed to build in buildings at all, only on land?
  • Hi was in a server yesterday my car crash flew into the sky and then the game crashed now I can't log onto pippis 1 server it goes to logi have no trouble logging on to number 2 server
  • Server we play on had Trader Mod, but I have no idea where they are. Can someone help? Cheers.
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