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Found 3 results

  1. Remember this Event is hosted on a Private Hive, So all gear you use in the event needs to be looted on the PIPSI.NET PvP Server (Separate Hive) PIPSI Subs and Donators priority seats for all pipsi events! If it wasn't for them we would not be where we are today. Time: Saturday the 23rd of September 2017 | 7pm AEST (GMT +10) NZ: 9PM NSW/TAS/VIC/QLD: 7PM NT/SA: 6:30PM WA: 5PM Location: TBA Server: Official PIPSI.NET AU/NZ [PvP ELEKTRO] - TENTS IN ELEKTRO server (Will be named in the browser something similar to " [EVENT] PIPSI.NET Operation Primitive Melee Only " Mission: The mission for this event is for players to go head to head in a primitive battle in Chernarus. All players will be limited to what weapons they can bring for the event which will be listed below. All players must come to the event with their chosen weapons and clothing. Any clothing items are permitted for this event, wear as much or as little clothes as you would like. All players will get 3 lives. This means after you have been killed 3 times in the battle, you must log out and leave the server. This will be monitored closely by admins. The player with the most kills at the end of the event will be declared the winner. The event will be capped at 2 hours, all players will have this amount of time to gain as many kills as possible. Info: - All players must be on teamspeak 20-15 minutes before event start - All players must be in the location before event start - The server will be locked and passworded before the brief - Brief will start at 7pm AEST, if you are not in the brief you can not participate in the event - All players must only use the weapons permitted in this post, if they are found using any other form of weapons they will be banned - All players must be registered to the website, otherwise prizes will not be handed out to them - All players can wear whatever clothing they would like, as well as backpacks/vests and helmets etc - You can bring as much or as little medical gear and food/drink as you desire - The person with the most kills is the winner - There will be tents with a few melee weapons all over the location Weapons: ALL PLAYERS MUST BE ON TEAMSPEAK BEFORE THE EVENT BEGINS TEAMSPEAK IP: TS.PIPSI.NET Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of the event or gain an unfair advantage over others will be dealt with accordingly. Rules: General game and server rules apply: No Hacking/ No Cheating/ No Exploiting / No Ghosting / No Combat Logging DISCONNECT once your 3 lives are up (respawning to get a better spawn doesnt count as a 'life') ONLY USE THE LISTED WEAPONS FOR THIS EVENT NO GRENADES NO LANDMINES NO VEHICLES If your game crashed, you must inform an admin you are restarting. Do not spoil the fun for any other players No Firearms !!!! All gaming server rules, website rules and teamspeak rules can be found at: pipsi.net/rules Register: This event is now a solo event. In order to participate in this event, you must register below with a reply to this topic with the following information: Example: Prize: Most individual kills overall: TBA Most kills in 1 individual life: TBA Event Map Area: Players in the event: - FRancium - Just Chillin - Ayahuasca - Mikey - XOX - Roz - VeggieAssassin - AudioAttack - Johni - Epsilon - UndeadTurd - Lil Windex - EloquenT ChicKz - HAGImite - Mike Hunt (sassy) - Sharky203 - Quinny656 - Caboose Rooster - John Paine - SneakyyGeko - Verno78910 - Lachlan - Sabre - Let it Rip - Ghillie - Tomysax - Busta - Sweza
  2. Minecraft UHC Event

    Time: 29th of April 2017 | 7PM AEST (GMT + 10) Time Conversion: ● NZ: 9PM ● NSW/TAS/VIC/QLD: 7PM ● NT/SA: 6.30PM ● WA: 5PM Server: Official PIPSI.NET Minecraft Event Server This is a first in best dressed styled event. Subscribers to PIPSI.NET do get priority in the events that we hold. Register below to secure your spot. How The Game Works: Many teams enter, 1 team leaves. Your goal is to be the last team standing. When the game starts, you and your teammate, or maybe just you if you so dare enter this challenge alone, will be teleported to a random spot on the map. Explore, mine, craft, build, fight (yes, PvP is allowed), do whatever is needed to secure your team’s victory over everyone else. There will be a 5 minute grace period after the teleporting so do not kill anyone during that time. Throughout the event the map border will shrink making sure the map will have a definite ending time. Hardcore rules apply in this event. One life then you are out! There’s no natural health regeneration, the only way to get your health back is with golden apples and potions of healing. Good luck and may the best Minecrafters win! Rules ● All players are required to make their TeamSpeak name the same as their Minecraft name. ● No hacking/cheating/exploiting. Cheating will result in a permanent ban from our community+future events. ● No killing in the first 5 minutes. ● Once you die you will be kicked and not allowed back on the server. ● No disconnecting then reconnecting at a later time. ● If there is a need to disconnect due to game issues, you have 2 minutes to reconnect before being classified as *DEAD*. ● You must be using Minecraft 1.11.2 (latest release). Registration: Reply to the topic below with your Minecraft and TeamSpeak name to get into the action. Your name must be the same on TeamSpeak as it is in Minecraft. Please note, teams will be setup before the event, if you or your partner don't show up, you will NOT be able to fill the team with someone else. Please contact an admin AT LEAST 24 hours before the event to change your team if you need to.
  3. Remember this event is hosted on a Private Hive. All of the gear you use in the event needs to be looted on PIPSI.NET Private Hive Servers. Current PIPSI Subs have priority seats for all PIPSI Events ! If it wasn't for them we would not be where we are today ! Time: 15th of April 2017 | 7PM AEST (GMT + 10) Time Conversion: ● NZ: 9PM ● NSW/TAS/VIC/QLD: 7PM ● NT/SA: 6.30PM ● WA: 5PM Location: North West Airfield [Within the chain linked fence] Server: Official PIPSI.NET Private Hive Server 3 On the day of the event the server will be renamed to " PIPSI.NET [EVENT SERVER] AUS vs NZ " Mission: This will be an organized 30 v 30 battle between Australian players and New Zealand players New Zealand team is to wear all BLACK clothing Australia team is to wear all GREEN clothing Both teams will meet at the given location for a coin toss to decide which team will start on which end of the location. The server will have a password on the server starting from the night before the event, this is for loot purposes only and will be renamed to: " PIPSI.NET [EVENT LOOT UP SERVER] NO KILLING! " Only people who have registered and been picked by the team captains are going to be able to be on the EVENT server at any given time. Everyone must come to the event fully looted in their designated colours ! There will be a briefing on teamspeak at the time of the event start where the password will be given out. If you are not present during the brief or at the location on event start you will not be allowed to participate and a reserve will take your place. ALL PLAYERS MUST BE ON TEAMSPEAK FOR THE EVENT TEAMSPEAK IP: ts.pipsi.net PLEASE BE READY AND ON TEAMSPEAK FOR THE EVENT 20-30 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START TIME Rules: No Hacking/ Cheating/ Exploiting/ Wall Glitching/ Ghosting/ Combat Logging or Disconnecting then reconnecting at a later time If there is a need to disconnect due to game issues, make an admin aware before doing so. Same goes for if you game crashes. You must remain within the boarders of the event location given, anyone found outside of the area will be banned from all future events and the community No grenades/ No landmines/ No explosives Anyone found wearing the coloured clothing of the opposite team will be permanently banned Registration: Reply to the topic below if you are keen to get in on the action. Please copy the below example and fill it in according to your own description. The team captains will decide on who will be joining their team. Prizes: MVP AUS team: $50 MVP NZ team: $50 Most Killz AUS: $50 Most Kills NZ: $50 NEW ZEALAND TEAM: 1. DM4 (Captain) 2. Wolph 3. John 4. GGSammy 5. Optim 6. cfpower 7. WB Black 8. Millsamaniac 9. bretty 10. Connor 11. Jimmy 12. Spooker 13. Scotty 14. Wrath 15. KYLO REN 16. Spud 17. Terminator 18. TheRadBazz 19. Tay 20. Assassinn 21. Warpig 22. Loose 23. DanTheMan 24. Tony Abbott 25. Muzoona 26. Roz 27. (WB) Mav 28. Epitaph48 29. PLoD 30. X0X AUSTRALIA TEAM: 1. Mach (Captain) 2. Dibbles 3. Pingu 4. Raving 5. Squid 6. Niitez 7. Medic Mike 8. Ghillie 9. Chardo 10. Grim 11. Milllzy 12. Sentinal 13. Boydy 14. Marshall 15. HAGImite 16. Spooker 17. Elii 18. Neutral Nigel 19. Ramsey 20. IsReal 21. Renegades NoodL 22. Aussiebonz 23. The Friendly Bandit 24. Eloquent Chickz 25. Charles 26. Regulator 27. Uncle 28. Pinkman 29. Africa 30. Vladimir RESERVES: SpoolTech William Jordan Deathsniper CocoHaydz Cigz Frosty Safi Hypothermia Kennef TeeQZz Krazen Swank Matrix Pipsi credit is used in the pipsi store at http://www.pipsi.net/storePlease keep up to date on the store as new items come and go all the time. Upcoming items in the PIPSI store are Headsets, Mice, Mouse Pads, Keyboards, Steam Games, CS:GO Skins, Stickers, Custom PIPSI.NET Clothing, pop vinyls, PC Hardware + more! If you wish to donate anything to the PIPSI shop please contact any of the admins, Thank You! Make sure to like us on facebook: facebook.com/PipsiCommunity Also follow us on twitter for updates: twitter.com/PipsiCommunity