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    [EVENT] Operation: Sole Survivor 2.0 | 25/11/17




    25th of November 2017    |     7PM AEDT (GMT +11) 


    Time Conversion: 
    NZ: 9pm
    NSW/TAS/VIC: 7pm
    QLD: 6pm
    NT: 5:30pm 

    SA: 6:30pm 
    WA: 4pm 


    Official PIPSI.NET Private Hive #2 First Person    [Server will be renamed on the day to PIPSI.NET Event: Sole Survivor] 
    Server will be locked prior to the event and wiped, a backup of persistence will occur before hand so rest assure to all those with bases that they will be restored once event it over. 


    This is a first in best dressed styled event. Subscribers to PIPSI.NET do get priority in the events that we hold. Register below to secure your spot. 


    How The Game Works: 

    The objective for all survivors is to be the last man or woman standing at the end of the 3 zones. With the 3 enclosing zones playing out similarly to a hunger games based arena, all players must fight for their lives and attempt to gear themselves up, while killing as many opponents as possible. There will be admins in the surrounding areas completely in red clothes enforxing the edges of the zone boundaries. Anyone that is found outside of the boundaries will receive both warning shots, ingame message warnings and may be approached by an admin to inform them of their misdirection. If survivors out of the boundary do not comply with the admins directions, they will be shot on site. Do not kill any of the admins dressed in red. Survivors are also not permitted to pick up and wear any red articles of clothing for yourselves, doing this will result in a ban from the current and all future events. 


    Before the event begins, all players will be made to stand in a circle on the airstrip at Balota. Within this circle, there will be a mountain of loot provided by both the admins and player contributions. The admins will split and divide the loot into various amounts and scatter them within the circle. Once the event begins, survivors can either rush to the middle of the circle to loot as much as they can during the grace period. Survivors too can opt to go loot towns within the boundary or attempt to locate the barrels admins have scattered across the location. These locations will all be marked on the map. There will be a grace period at the start of the event for 2 minutes. This is due to the lag and desync issues that may occur with the vast amount of loot and players concentrated into one area. Anyone that kills or injures another survivor during this grace period will be banned. Make sure to pay attention to ingame messages. Admins will refill the loot in the initial middle circle at various times throughout the event. 

    Info/Step By Step:

    ● The server will be locked and renamed the night before the event in order for admins to prepare the location with gear. 

    ● The server will be renamed "Operation: Sole Survivor - Event Preparation"  
    ● The password may be given out to players on the day of the event in order to run their characters safely to the location

    ● During the server being locked for preparation, no players are to kill or injure eachother 

    ● All players in the event are required to make their DayZ name the same as their Teamspeak/Website name

    ● All survivors will be provided with 2 articles of clothing they can wear after being searched by admins

    ● All players in the event must already have their characters up at the Balota Airstrip

    ● The more gear brought to donate to the event by players, the more gear there will be placed in the starting circles and the barrels 
    ● All participants in the event must be in the brief room when the brief is delivered otherwise they will not be able to join 

    ● All players will be required to drop their gear for the admins to check over when asked

    ● No player is to enter the air control tower or the closest military hangar next to it (there will be tents there to block the entrance 
    ● Players will then line up in a circle around the starting pile of gear and wait for the countdown 
    ● This is a free for all event, you may not team up with any players. You are not permitted to be in any form of communication with any other players in the event. 
    ● Once you die, please make your way to the dead room in the teamspeak and leave the server immediately 

    ● Note that the quicker and easier you make it on admins to search you and give you your clothes, the faster the event can start 



    TEAMSPEAK IP :    ts.pipsi.net

    There will be a briefing on teamspeak at the time of the event start where the password will be given out.
    If you are not present during the brief you will not be allowed to participate and a reserve will take their place. 




      In order to register for this event you must reply with the following: 



    Dayz Name:  
    Teamspeak Name: 





    Location, Barrel location, Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 




    ● No Hacking / Cheating / Exploiting / Glitching / Ghosting / Combat Logging or Disconnecting then reconnecting at a later time
    ● If there is a need to disconnect due to game issues, make an admin aware before doing so. Same goes with if your game crashes
    ● Anyone who leaves the server and does not return in under 2 minutes will be removed from the game
     Do not attempt to kill or injure admins / referees wearing all red 

    ● Do not enter the Air Control Tower or the closest Military Hangar to it. These are admin only buildings and you will be shot on site upon entering. 
    ● You must remain in the boarders of the zones when competing. If you leave the zone you will be warned to move within the zone. Failure to comply will result in shooting on site
    ● Anyone found using external ways to communicate with other players or teaming will be banned permanently 
    ● Anyone found attempting to break the rules or ruin the fun will be removed from the event and dealt with accordingly (public spanking) 

    ● No grenades, No landmines & No Explosives     


    If you have any questions, please ask any of the staff members on teamspeak or post on this thread.


    Players in this event: 

    1 Mach
    2 Isaac
    3 Dm4
    4 Dibbles
    5 DickieTheChamp
    6 [Admin]
    7 Anonymous 
    8 KoalaBear
    9 Jordan
    10 FRancium
    11 Beau Gan
    12 mArShaLL
    13 Uncle
    14 Darkon
    15 BullyHD
    16 HAGImite
    17 EloquenT ChicKz
    18 KNIFE
    19 Pablo Escobar
    20 Rusted Robot
    21 Cazbro
    22 Aaron
    23 Roz
    24 Xyptonyte
    25 NoodL
    26 Connor
    27 Mikey
    28 Uncuepa
    29 Jayden
    30 MrFace
    31 Alec Johnson
    32 Salvation
    33 Hasim Rahman
    34 Cooper
    35 Joshi_rivo
    36 Sabre
    37 Slim
    38 X0X
    39 Muzoona
    40 Blurman
    41 Ramsey
    42 Jazza
    43 BenjiFromNZ
    45 Nathalie
    46 Kobe
    47 Buttstock Becky
    48 Lochie
    49 Tubz
    50 Kelley
    51 IsReal
    52 Aiden
    53 V1P3RDAN88









    ● Most Kills: TBA

    ● Winner of the event: TBA




    Pipsi credit is used in the pipsi store at http://www.pipsi.net/store
    Please keep up to date on the store as new items come and go all the time. 
    Upcoming items in the PIPSI store are Headsets, Mice, Mouse Pads, Keyboards, Steam Games, CS:GO Skins, Stickers, Custom PIPSI.NET Clothing, pop vinyls, PC Hardware + more!
    If you wish to donate anything to the PIPSI shop please contact any of the admins, Thank You! 






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    • I like to take this time to send out a Big Thank You to the Admins on pipsi i not been here long and Dibbles thank you for getting me back play on your guys cool servers so far i have been killed alot but still loving it. And to Mach for helping out yesterday. i am so happy i found this group and for the other admins i hope to talk you you guys to has i sure i going to need more help soon has i not so great at website and other game things. For now THANK YOU again. 
    • Awesome event, didn't expect it to run as smoothly as it did  
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