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  • event [EVENT] 30 VS 30 PvP DayZ Event ! 24/6/17







    Date: Saturday 24th of June 2017 


    Time:  7PM AEST (GMT+10)

    Time Conversion:

    • NZ: 9pm 
    • NSW/TAS/VIC/QLD: 7pm
    • NT/SA: 6:30pm
    • WA: 5pm


    Server: PIPSI.NET Private Hive #3 (Will be renamed on the day) 




    This event will be an organized 30 vs 30 event in DayZ. The location will be posted below to where the battle will be held. The winning team will be the one that completely eliminates the opposing team. One team will start on one end of the location, the other team will start on the opposite end. 

    Everyone is to be in teamspeak 15-30 minutes before the event starts for a brief and must remain so during the event. Each team will be split into 6 squads of 5, or whatever numbers work best on the day in teamspeak. Ingame direct chat will be the primary point of contact for members of one squad to be able to communicate to another squad in their team.  

    All players must come to the event already looted and in their designated colours. Foods and drinks will be provided also if needed prior to event start. 

    The server will be locked early Saturday morning for looting purposes and be renamed to [Event Loot Up Server - No Killing] with rules to be posted at a later date. 


    The red team is to wear all green gear, and will be provided with an armband on the day. 

    The yellow team is to wear all black gear, and will be provided with an armband on the day. 




    • General game and server rules apply 
    • No Hacking / Cheating / Exploiting / Ghosting / Combat Logging
    • Do not attempt to kill any referee admin wearing all red
    • First person only event 
    • Do not wear the colours or armbands of the opposing team, if you are found impersonating you will be banned from all future events and the community. 
    • No grenades
    • No flashbangs 
    • Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of or gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be dealt with accordingly (Public spanking) 
    • Remember that in order to participate in the event you must be in the PIPSI.NET Teamspeak server on the day and must be registered on the website 
    • Your Teamspeak name must be the same as your DayZ ingame name, otherwise you will be kicked to make room for more players. 

    Teamspeak IP:   ts.pipsi.net




    This is a first in best dressed style event. In order to register for the event you must reply to this topic with the following information:

    The list of players in this event will be posted in this thread.
    Subs gain priority in events, this may result in team participants being swapped around in the event subs gaining priority. 

    Remember, there is a chance that people will not turn up on the night, if you are a reserve make sure you are geared and ready to play just incase. 






    Respond to this post with the following: 


    Dayz / Teamspeak name:

    Red or Yellow Team: 














    $50 for the most kills on red team

    $50 for the most kills on yellow team



    PIPSI Prizes are awarded in PIPSI Points which can be spend on steam games, ingame cosmetics, PC gear/accessories and more ! @ www.pipsi.net/store

    Please keep up to date on the store ! New items come and go all the time.

    Current items include Headsets, Mouse Pads, Keyboards, Mice, Steam Games, CS;GO Skins, Stickers + MORE ! 





    Teams :


    Yellow Team  Red Team
    DM4 Epitaph48
    Caboose Rooster Muzoona
    RollerCosta Roz
    Joe ACam
    Elii ShadesOfAids
    Anonymous Africa
    CocoHaydz Ghilliee
    Tricky AudioAttack


    Jimmy Rustle Rusted Robot
    Raving Cazbro
    DickieTheChamp Xypotonyte
    Holyman Scotty
    Steamboat CamCantRun
    Chardo William
    Loose Zedder
    Jazza John Paine
    Let It Rip GreeniceHP1245
    B2_ SOQuantum
    cfpower Uncuepa
    GFAC J1rah
    Millsamaniac Smocc
    TaterDan Quincy
    Neutral Nigel Cam
    Uncle ........ dodecadot
    RedS Tomislav
    CrowdPleaser DogeoOfVenice
    Bretty RakavelTV
    Eloquent Chickz NaggySwaggy


    Reserves :



    Yellow Team  Red Team
    HAGImite Major_Howie
    Jimmy Levi
    Jordan iutah
    Cabitza Hugh




    Edited by Mach

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    • I like to take this time to send out a Big Thank You to the Admins on pipsi i not been here long and Dibbles thank you for getting me back play on your guys cool servers so far i have been killed alot but still loving it. And to Mach for helping out yesterday. i am so happy i found this group and for the other admins i hope to talk you you guys to has i sure i going to need more help soon has i not so great at website and other game things. For now THANK YOU again. 
    • Awesome event, didn't expect it to run as smoothly as it did  
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