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    Date: Saturday 3rd of June 2017 
    Time:  7PM AEST (GMT+10)
    Time Conversion:
    NZ: 9pm  NSW/TAS/VIC/QLD: 7pm NT/SA: 6:30pm WA: 5pm  
    Server: PIPSI.NET Private Hive #3 (Will be renamed on the day) 
    A military helicopter carrying vital information regarding the outbreak and possible cure for the zombie infection has crash landed in the vast wasteland forests of Chernarus. An emergency broadcast was made second s before the crashing, containing the grid reference of its location. The helicopter was headed to the Rocket Corporation HQ, the origin of the Zombie Infection. it is suspected they had on board a possible cure for the outbreak. However their intent was to strengthen the virus. The elite Rocket Task Force that was on board the helicopter will be carrying the information from its downed location to Rocket Corporation HQ. It is your job to intercept and kill them, and deliver the possible cure to the medical Quarantine Zone, fending off any other groups that may try to get in your way. 
    General game and server rules apply  No Hacking / Cheating / Exploiting / Ghosting / Combat Logging Do not attempt to kill the referee admin who is to receive the package (they will be dressed in red and at the drop off location) First person only event  Participating squad member limit: 4 Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of or gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be dealt with accordingly (Public spanking)  Remember that in order to participate in the event you must be in the PIPSI.NET Teamspeak server on the day and must be registered on the website  Your Teamspeak name must be the same as your DayZ ingame name, otherwise you will be kicked to make room for more players. 

    Teamspeak IP:   ts.pipsi.net
    How is works:
    On the event start, the grid reference (coordinates) that correspond to the location of the downed helicopter and its cargo will be broadcaster over ingame chat. 
    These 6 digits will be calibrated to match the map on dayzdb.com/map .
    It is your job to intercept and kill the task force, collecting the possible cure. Whichever player kills an admin ingame will be given the location of the Quarantine Zone and the cure through teamspeak. 
    The group that has the cure must deliver it to the Quarantine Zone. 
    If any player of the team which has the cure is killed, the cure is given to the player which has killed them. 
    They then too have to attempt to either kill the rest of the team in order to stop them, or attempt to run ahead and get to the Quarantine Zone before others do. 
    You must fend off any groups of survivors who may attempt to take the cure off of you. 
    Upon reaching the Quarantine Zone, there will be an easily identifiable player who you must give the cure to. 
    At this point if you manage to do so, you have won the event.
    The referee Admin will ask for your name/clan and will contact you via teamspeak.
    All other groups will have to try to intercept and kill the survivors who have the package, deliver it themselves, winning the event. 
    If the Rocket Task Force makes it to the Rocket Corporation HQ, they will defend the building until the possible cure is taken from them. 

    This is a first in best dressed style event. In order to register for the event you must reply to this topic with the following information:

    The list of players in this event will be posted in this thread.
    Subs gain priority in events, the teams with the most subs will gain the first spots. 
    (1 post per squad, only one person needs to reply with the list of participants names int heir squad) 
    Respond to this post with the following: 
    Dayz and Teamspeak name: 
    Expected number of players in your squad: 
    Names of members: 
    Clan name: 
    Map:  TBH 
    Inside intel has provided this map of the expected flight path of the Rocket Corporation Helicopter. 
    Also labelled is the area in which the Helicopter may have crashed, Rocket HQ, and the Quarantine Zone to which the survivors who intercept the Rocket Task Force must deliver the cure. 

    $200 for the winning team 
    $50 for the most kills 
    PIPSI Prizes are awarded in PIPSI Points which can be spend on steam games, ingame cosmetics, PC gear/accessories and more ! @ www.pipsi.net/store
    Please keep up to date on the store ! New items come and go all the time.
    Current items include Headsets, Mouse Pads, Keyboards, Mice, Steam Games, CS;GO Skins, Stickers + MORE ! 
    Teams :
    1. Rocket Task Force [4] 
    2. Quarantine Zone Admin [1] 
    3. Eli's Chickz [3] 
    4. Winners [4] 
    5. Freelancers [3] 
    6. Parmy Army [4] 
    7. TBL [4] 
    8. Derp Squad [4] 
    9. Llamas With Guns [4] 
    10. Wet Bandits [4] 
    11. Ham [1] 
    12. Grim [1] 
    13. Fleshy Mammals [3] 
    14. Cam [1] 
    15. Spaghetti  [2] 
    16. Forsaken Juju's [2] 
    17. Bound By Blood [3] 
    18. Cheeki Breeki's [4] 
    19. Gai Bois [3]
    20. Bruh [4]
    Reserves :
    1. Caboose's Hen [1]

    Remember this Event is hosted on a Private Server, So all gear you use in the event needs to be looted on the PIPSI.NET server.
    PIPSI Subs and Donators priority seats for all pipsi events! 
    If it wasn't for them we would not be where we are today.
    10th of June 2017  |  8pm AEDT (GMT +11) 
    Auckland (NZ) - 10:00 pm     Sydney - 8:00 pm     Melbourne - 8:00 pm     Brisbane - 8:00 pm     Hobart - 8:00 pm     Adelaide - 7:30 pm     Darwin - 7:30 pm     Perth - 6:00 pm  

    Official PIPSI.NET Miscreated server.
    (Will be named in the browser something like "EVENT PIPSI.NET King of the tower" 

    There will be a squad of 4 PIPSI admins defending a specific location. Survivors job is to eliminate the squad and hold the location for 10 minutes to claim the prize.
    The location will be a custom built base by the pipsi admin team.

    - The Server will be locked and renamed the day of the event in order for survivors to loot up freely without getting killed for the event. Additional information will be given about the loot up no killing server in the upcoming weeks. The usual rules concerning the loot up server will apply on the day.  
    - This event is capped at 3 hours, The prizes are time sensitive and will be dependent on the time in which the event is won. 
    - All players must be in teamspeak 20 minutes before the event starts, and remain in teamspeak throughout the whole event until they die.
    - There will be coordinates provided at the beginning of the event in which the squad will be positioned accordingly.
    - A map of the general vicinity of the admin team will be posted on this post within the week of the event in order for survivors to gear themselves up and put themselves in position for the event day. 
    - It is up to you and your team to kill anyone in your way, get to the location and secure it. 
    - There will be a 'referee' admin located at the location in a watch tower. You are not to kill, injure or impersonate this admin. Failure to comply with these terms will result in a permanent ban. 
    - Once the PIPSI Admin squad has been eliminated, One member of your squad is to announce the name of your team to the Referee admin and make contact with them.
    - Once the squads name is confirmed the 10 minute timer will start. The squad holding the location must protect it for 10 minutes, all members of that squad within the location must be eliminated for the timer to stop. 
    - If the squad holding the hill is eliminated, the new group must repeat the process of making contact with the Referee admin for the timer to restart. 
    - This continues until one group has successfully held the hill for an entire 10 minutes. 
    - Groups and Individuals are not permitted to re-attempt to take hold of the location after they die, or continue to play in the server. No re-spawning! 
    - Anyone found re-spawning and having a second attempt will have themselves and and any of their surviving squad members removed from the event and any future events.
    - Once killed you must leave the server and put [DEAD] next to your teamspeak name 
    - Each squad will have their own private channels on teamspeak setup on the day
    - There will be a briefing on teamspeak at the time of the event start, if you are not in the brief you are not eligible to participate in the event ! 
    - There will be NO late starters. If you can’t be there at the start then your spot will be taken by one of your squad reserves.
    Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of the event or gain an unfair advantage over others will be dealt with accordingly. 
    General game and server rules apply: 
    No Hacking/ No Cheating/ No Exploiting / No Ghosting / No Combat Logging 
    Do not attempt to injure or kill the Referee Admin
    Do not re-spawn 
    Leave the server when killed 
    You MUST remain inside the hill at all times if you are capturing it. If you do not your timer will reset. 
    All gaming server rules, website rules and TeamSpeak rules can be found at: 
    Participant Squad Member Limit: 
    There is a limit of 4 players per squad, with 2 listed reserves in case teammates do not show up on the day. 
    In the event of a member in the squad not being able to participate in the event, you will have be able to have 2 listed reserves who will take their place and are ready to play. Note that the reserves are not able to play if all 4 members of a squad are present at the time of the event start. 
    Reserves can not take the place of a fallen squad member 
    There will also be reserve teams in the event of whole squad who do not turn up for the event. 
    (If a squad of more than 1 person is participating, only 1 person needs to post a reply for their group)
    All participants for the event need to register to the website, if they have not their team will not be in the event. 
    In order to participate in this event, you must register below with a reply to this topic with the following information: 
    -First Hour- 
    $300 Pipsi points
    -Second Hour-
    $200 Pipsi points
    -Third Hour-
    $150 Pipsi points
    Pipsi points are used in our shop at http://www.pipsi.net/store where you can buy gaming gear or subscriptions to our other servers.
    Event Map Area:

    Building to capture and hold to win the event:

    Admins will be set up in location above in the base ready to defend, they will be on the server before anyone else joins the event! Please do not log on close to the area or it will be an Easy kill for us.
    The Base will not be locked and will have no doors, just rooms and hallways.

    This is a 'first in, best dressed' style sign up, priority will be given to those who apply first.
    The server currently has 50 slots, however it is encouraged to post even if 50+ people have signed up, because you will be in 'reserves' slot.
    Pipsi points are used in the pipsi shop at http://www.pipsi.net/store
    Please keep up to date on the store! New items come and go all the time, Upcoming items in the PIPSI store are Headsets, Mice , Mouse Pads , Keyboards , Steam Games , CS:GO Skins , Stickers , Custom PIPSI.NET Clothing , PC Hardware + more! 

    The prizes are TIME SENSITIVE. This is to keep the event fast-paced and prevent a stalemate. For each hour the event runs, prizes are removed from the pool. Claim the hill as soon as possible to win the most prizes!
    If you wish to donate anything to the PIPSI shop please contact any of the admins, Thanks!
    Note: In the event of cheaters / hackers, an announcement will be made on the server and TeamSpeak, and depending on the severity the event may be called off and postponed.
    Players in this event:
    1. Defending Team (4)
    2. Suicidal (2)
    3. Winners (2)
    4. Brightmore Butchers (4)
    Pipsi.net strives to maintain a cheat free community with as much transparency as possible. As a result of this and due to the amount of reports, we wish to provide our community with an update on the situation.
    Upon investigating DanTheMan we have found out the following:
    Dan has multiple steam accounts which we can verify are him.
    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354049684 - DanTheMan account
    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130164024 - Alt account 1 (Multiple VAC bans, 800 days since last ban).
    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166615245 - Alt account 2 (1 VAC ban, 100 days since last ban).
    With the amount of people reporting DanTheMan and the evidence we have received from users plus the above steam accounts, we had a conversation with Dan and gave him two options, record all his gameplay, in order to remove the doubt that he is cheating, or be banned from our servers.
    Dan initially chose to record all gameplay, but after a few more reports in which he couldn't provide his POV demo on, we have had to resort to permanently banning him from our servers.
    We have removed the funds Dan won from the latest event from his account, as we believe the reports started showing up as soon as the event finished and there were a few reports throughout the event of suspicious deaths, we believe Dan was probably using his cheats during the event for an edge.