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    Remember this event is hosted on a Private Hive. All of the gear you use in the event needs to be looted on PIPSI.NET Private Hive Servers. 
    Current PIPSI Subs have priority seats for all PIPSI Events !
    If it wasn't for them we would not be where we are today !
    15th of April 2017    |      7PM AEST (GMT + 10)
    Time Conversion: 
    ● NZ: 9PM
    ● NT/SA: 6.30PM
    ● WA: 5PM
    North West Airfield   [Within the chain linked fence] 

    Official PIPSI.NET Private Hive Server 3 
    On the day of the event the server will be renamed to " PIPSI.NET [EVENT SERVER] AUS vs NZ "
    This will be an organized 30 v 30 battle between Australian players and New Zealand players 
    New Zealand team is to wear all BLACK clothing 
    Australia team is to wear all GREEN clothing
    Both teams will meet at the given location for a coin toss to decide which team will start on which end of the location. 
    The server will have a password on the server starting from the night before the event, this is for loot purposes only and will be renamed to:
    Only people who have registered and been picked by the team captains are going to be able to be on the EVENT server at any given time. 
    Everyone must come to the event fully looted in their designated colours ! 
    There will be a briefing on teamspeak at the time of the event start where the password will be given out. 
    If you are not present during the brief or at the location on event start you will not be allowed to participate and a reserve will take your place. 
    TEAMSPEAK IP:   ts.pipsi.net
    No Hacking/ Cheating/ Exploiting/ Wall Glitching/ Ghosting/ Combat Logging or Disconnecting then reconnecting at a later time If there is a need to disconnect due to game issues, make an admin aware before doing so. Same goes for if you game crashes. You must remain within the boarders of the event location given, anyone found outside of the area will be banned from all future events and the community  No grenades/ No landmines/ No explosives Anyone found wearing the coloured clothing of the opposite team will be permanently banned   
    Reply to the topic below if you are keen to get in on the action. 
    Please copy the below example and fill it in according to your own description. The team captains will decide on who will be joining their team. 
    MVP AUS team: $50
    MVP NZ team: $50
    Most Killz AUS: $50
    Most Kills NZ: $50
    1. DM4 (Captain) 
    2. Wolph
    3. John
    4. GGSammy
    5. Optim
    6. cfpower
    7. WB Black
    8. Millsamaniac
    9. bretty
    10. Connor
    11. Jimmy
    12. Spooker
    13. Scotty
    14. Wrath
    15. KYLO REN
    16. Spud 
    17. Terminator 
    18. TheRadBazz
    19. Tay
    20. Assassinn
    21. Warpig
    22. Loose
    23. DanTheMan
    24. Tony Abbott
    25. Muzoona 
    26. Roz
    27. (WB) Mav
    28. Epitaph48
    29. PLoD
    30. X0X
    1. Mach (Captain) 
    2. Dibbles
    3. Pingu
    4. Raving
    5. Squid
    6. Niitez
    7. Medic Mike
    8. Ghillie 
    9. Chardo
    10. Grim
    11. Milllzy
    12. Sentinal 
    13. Boydy
    14. Marshall
    15. HAGImite
    16. Spooker
    17. Elii
    18. Neutral Nigel
    19. Ramsey
    20. IsReal
    21. Renegades NoodL
    22. Aussiebonz
    23. The Friendly Bandit 
    24. Eloquent Chickz
    25. Charles 
    26. Regulator 
    27. Uncle 
    28. Pinkman
    29. Africa
    30. Vladimir

    Pipsi credit is used in the pipsi store at http://www.pipsi.net/store
    Please keep up to date on the store as new items come and go all the time. 
    Upcoming items in the PIPSI store are Headsets, Mice, Mouse Pads, Keyboards, Steam Games, CS:GO Skins, Stickers, Custom PIPSI.NET Clothing, pop vinyls, PC Hardware + more!
    If you wish to donate anything to the PIPSI shop please contact any of the admins, Thank You! 
    Make sure to like us on facebook: 
    Also follow us on twitter for updates: 
      PIPSI.NET King Of The Hill Event 

    Remember this Event is hosted on a Private Hive, So all gear you use in the event needs to be looted on the PIPSI.NET Private Hive servers.
    PIPSI Subs and Donators priority seats for all pipsi events! 
    If it wasn't for them we would not be where we are today.
    18th of March 2017     |       8pm AEDT (GMT +11) 
    NZ: 10PM NSW/TAS/VIC: 8PM QLD: 7PM NT/SA: 6:30PM WA: 5PM
    Official PIPSI.NET Private Hive Server 3
    (Will be named in the browser something like "EVENT PIPSI.NET KOTH" 

    There will be a squad of 4 PIPSI admins defending a specific location. Survivors job is to eliminate the squad and hold the location for 10 minutes to claim the prize.

    - This event is a first person only event, Real/Tactical/Immersion with no 3rd person peaking advantage from other players.
    - Server 3 will be locked and renamed the day of the event in order for survivors to loot up freely without getting killed for the event. Additional information will be given about the loot up no killing server in the upcoming two weeks.  The usual rules concerning the loot up server will apply on the day.  
    - All players must be in teamspeak 20 minutes before the event starts, and remain in teamspeak throughout the whole event until they die.
    - This event is capped at 3 hours, The prizes are time sensitive and will be dependent on the time in which the event is won. 
    - There will be coordinates provided at the beginning of the event in which the squad will be positioned accordingly.
    - A map of the general vicinity of the admin team will be posted on this post within the week of the event in order for survivors to gear themselves up and put themselves in position for the event day. 
    - It is up to you and your team to kill anyone in your way, get to the location and secure it. 
    - There will be a 'referee' admin located at the location wearing all red. You are not to kill, injure or impersonate this admin. Failure to comply with these terms will result in a permanent ban. 
    - Once the PIPSI Admin squad has been eliminated, One member of your squad is to announce the name of your team to the Referee admin and make contact with them.
    - Once the squads name is confirmed the 10 minute timer will start. The squad holding the location must protect it for 10 minutes, all members of that squad within the location must be eliminated for the timer to stop. 
    - If the squad holding the hill is eliminated, the new group must repeat the process of making contact with the Referee admin for the timer to restart. 
    - This continues until one group has successfully held the hill for an entire 10 minutes. 
    - Groups and Individuals are not permitted to re-attempt to take hold of the location after they die, or continue to play in the server. No re-spawning! 
    - Anyone found re-spawning and having a second attempt will have themselves and and any of their surviving squad members removed from the event and any future events.
    - Once killed you must leave the server and put [DEAD] next to your teamspeak name 
    - Each squad will have their own private channels on teamspeak setup on the day
    - There will be a briefing on teamspeak at the time of the event start, if you are not in the brief you are not eligible to participate in the event ! 
    - There will be NO late starters. If you can’t be there at the start then your spot will be taken by one of your squad reserves.

    Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of the event or gain an unfair advantage over others will be dealt with accordingly. 
    General game and server rules apply: 
    No Hacking/ No Cheating/ No Exploiting / No Ghosting / No Combat Logging 
    Do not attempt to injure or kill the Referee Admin
    Do not re-spawn 
    Leave the server when killed 
    You MUST remain inside the hill at all times if you are capturing it. If you do not your timer will reset. 

    All gaming server rules, website rules and teamspeak rules can be found at: http://www.pipsi.net/rules
    Participant Squad Member Limit: 
    There is a limit of 4 players per squad, with 2 listed reserves in case teammates do not show up on the day. 
    In the event of a member in the squad not being able to participate in the event, you will have be able to have 2 listed reserves who will take their place and are ready to play. Note that the reserves are not able to play if all 4 members of a squad are present at the time of the event start. 
    Reserves can not take the place of a fallen squad member 
    There will also be reserve teams in the event of whole squad who do not turn up for the event. 
    (If a squad of more than 1 person is participating, only 1 person needs to post a reply for their group)
    All participants for the event need to register to the website, if they have not their team will not be in the event. 
    In order to participate in this event, you must register below with a reply to this topic with the following information: 
    -First Hour- 
    -Second Hour-
    -Third Hour-
    Event Map Area:

    This is a 'first in, best dressed' style sign up, priority will be given to those who apply first.
    The server currently has 60 slots, however it is encouraged to post even if 60+ people have signed up, because you will be in 'reserves' slot.
    Pipsi points are used in the pipsi shop at pipsi.net/shop
    Please keep up to date on the store! New items come and go all the time, Upcoming items in the PIPSI store are Headsets, Mice , Mouse Pads , Keyboards , Steam Games , CS:GO Skins , Stickers , Custom PIPSI.NET Clothing , PC Hardware + more! 

    The prizes are TIME SENSITIVE. This is to keep the event fast-paced and prevent a stalemate. For each hour the event runs, prizes are removed from the pool. Claim the hill as soon as possible to win the most prizes!

    If you wish to donate anything to the PIPSI shop please contact any of the admins, Thanks!

    Note: In the event of cheaters / hackers, an announcement will be made on the server and teamspeak, and depending on the severity the event may be called off and postponed.
    Players in this event:
    1. Admin Team (5)
    2. Sabre      
    3. Heathen/Raving/Curly/Kenji    
    4. Grim/Lleyton/Niitez/Michael   
    5. Jayso/Aussiebonz/Chardo/DickieTheChamp 
    6. Sentinal/GreenDevil/KNIFE/Jezza   
    7. Scotty/Mikey/DuskyDawn      
    8. Millsamaniac    
    9. John/Wolph/Foley/PeriPeri       
    10. Squid/Iris/Millzy      
    11. Ezy              
    12. Dervishshade/Epitaph48/Spoona/Kiwi     
    13. Jazza/NeutalNigel                            
    14. Elii 
    15. Regulator/Polyfusion/Habubz/Cabtek
    16. J1rah/Tim Nye 
    17. Pinkman/Charles/Vladimir
    18. Presikindle
    19. Tony Abbott/mlgminecrafter/Kingy/Hypothermia
    20. Axe90/Homicidle/Meloman/themanwhowas
    21. Sam/Nucc/Totallynottoby/Victim
    22. Roz
    23. Vex/xBraneOne/DonnyS/Gage
    24. Warpig/Aus/JazzaAU/Spikeypanda
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    • This week, we're keeping it short and sweet with Eugen, Adam and Baty, as the rest of the team got their hands full with work on major 0.63 tasks. Eugen actually shares more on why we've been quieter than usual the last few Status Reports, and sets some expectations regarding BETA release schedule. Adam is reporting on the ongoing tireless work of the environment team, showcasing some of their recent achievements, and Baty closes off with a little teaser of an upcoming live stream - along with sharing awesome community content, of course! Let's get to it folks. 

      Contents This Week Dev Update/Eugen Dev Update/Adam Community Spotlight
      Dev Update/Eugen In BETA we trust, deliver we must. A catchphrase that I've seen on one of our whiteboards a couple weeks ago perfectly summarizes how we as a team feel right now.

      We know things haven't been perfect and that the experience that we wanted to provide has not always been consistent with our vision. Technology debt that we have been fighting held us in fairly firm grip where we quickly realized that providing short term solutions over and over isn't going to cut it.

      We had to rethink and go back to the drawing board multiple times to start making a fun game. We knew the solutions needed but the time investment was huge with lot of risks ahead. Which is where a lot of the development kept getting slowed down by the complexity of the engine changes that were needed, as well as unexpected issues that kept changing the landscape before us.

      It was a risky move that we hope will keep the game alive going forward and bring back those that might have been turned away by the state of the game. As we truly believe that what you players want and we meant to deliver wasn’t doable with the technology we had.

      There are players out there who are patiently waiting, while playing the game in a state that it is in now, others who wait for the full release or some who come back every once in a while to see what changed. Some are more invested than others, they read our channels, think about consequences of what we talk about, and some just want to see it in action. As the BETA is becoming a fleshed out reboot of the game all of us wanted, we plan to have a limited playable build at Gamescom this year. We're doing everything we can to make it available at the Bohemia Interactive booth for the visitors to try it out.

      The sole focus of this build is gunplay and player movement on an edited version of Chernarus prepared especially for the purpose of this demo. That is why a lot of our efforts have been looking at the flow of player actions, controls and consistency of their outcome. The team will be there in person to discuss the details with those interested. Feedback is the most important thing and we can't wait to see people play it and smoothen the rough edges. 

      Now that also means that the next couple of weeks are fully focused on the content of the Gamescom demo, so that there are no major hurdles when fans in Cologne get their hands on it. All departments are trying to iron out the details as much as they can, so that we can have fun with in Germany.

      For the first BETA update itself, there is no release date yet. We don't want to let you down unless we're absolutely sure it's coming. The Gamescom demo work itself still counts towards the overall development of course, but we're not ready to put that version of the game on any of the public Steam branches - simply because the feature set of our demo will be limited and does not represent the complete DayZ experience. 

      To finish things off, let's take a look at a list of things the team is tackling now:

      Weapon actions Vehicle controller refactor Basic state machines and script classes tweaks Melee combat preparation (programming wise) Central Loot Economy tweaks Physics and optimization tweaks New animation system for zombies Bug fixing Animators
      MoCap session preparation Animal animations Weapon animations Designers
      Melee combat (script wise) Aiming model Weapons handling Inventory UI refactor (crafting, character) Advanced placing system New player and item spawn definition Audio
      Sounds for weapon interactions QA
      Playtesting the 0.62 update Internal client stabilization New animations/weapons functionality testing Art
      Gamescom map preparation Old assets rework Fire mode selector for weapons Object layout for western region - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer

      Dev Update/AdamAs we mentioned in earlier status reports, our efforts on improving graphical fidelity does not end with the update 00.62. With such massive change for the environment that update 0.62 has brought, one of the most important things for us is to get the environment right color-wise. That means getting lighting config right and having all assets in our environment properly configured (material and texture wise).

      We have already released an update for grass color for 0.62 on June 21 and since then our environment designer Mark has been working tirelessly on another iteration, this time focused mainly on changing another important piece of this whole color puzzle - satellite texture. You know this texture very well, because it is the one that you see whenever you look into the distance (and also texture, that is commonly used on community-made maps, that helps you in travels through Chernarus).

      Since Chernarus was originally made for Arma 2 and DayZ version has been built on top of it, it also uses satellite texture from this version. The texture was unfortunately nowhere near to being consistent in the beginning (in terms of the way details were made or in used color pallete) and with the additional things added on top of it in DayZ (northern, western expansion, settlement rework,..), this problem was only deepened.

      With the update 0.62, we felt that it is the time we finally look at this problem and make sure satellite texture for the new Chernarus uses somewhat consistent color pallete and looks good both in old and new areas. This change was also particularly important for us with update 0.62 since satellite texture affects colors of grass and ground textures. Now, do not expect that suddenly, a texture that has 15360x15360 pixels will be great in every detail, but the work that has been done so far is a huge step forward and will be good starting point for any additions and improvements.



      With satellite texture changes of such scale, another pass on colors of grass and bushes/trees was inevitable (to basically bring close and far LOD visuals in-line with colors on new satellite texture plus several issues with material configuration were also fixed). And since all that was purely a data change, we felt that it would be shame not to include it for update 0.62, too. And so all of the changes are now available on Experimental Branch for you to check out.

      And I do have also some bonus pictures for you this time - work has progressed on western border of Chernarus. Currently, detailed object layout is being worked on in areas west of Zelonogorsk. First two pictures show new settlement, called Zvir. Third shows Orlye ozero with mountain Velikyj Kotel rising behind. Now please keep in mind that content on these pictures is work-in-progress. If you want to read more about the planned changes on western border, check out the last status report[dayz.com].




      - Adam Francu / Senior map designer

      Dev Update/Community SpotlightTwo weeks have passed and it is time again to take a look at what is happening in the community. At first, I would like to talk about an important event which is ahead of us this summer and that is Gamescom. We've been preparing for it for several months and it is very important to us, because we will meet you – the community, and at the same time, we want to show you something new. If you are planning to be at Gamescom, we will be glad to see you. You will find our booth in hall 10.1, where we will be among other Bohemia Interactive games. Also, for the Friday 25th, we are preparing a small meet & greet with developers, including small gifts for you. Cosplayers are welcome! We will tell you more on a live stream before Gamescom, which we are also preparing at the moment and which you definitely should not miss.

      Recently, I was playing DayZ when I got a message from streamer Issy telling me she can’t wait to show me what she made. And she sent a picture of shoes she painted in DayZ style! Simply awesome! I had to share that with you.

      When browsing through DayZ videos, this DayZ-inspired rap caught my eye, made by DayZ Standalone - Jiveturkey600. He created it on a request from one of the fans, who wanted a song from zombie point of view.


      Today I would like to focus on an international fan group on Facebook - DayZ Standalone Community, which has over 13000 members. People show off their accomplishments there, look for others to play with or share their own creations. It was this group where I found Mark Duncan Copland’s post showing postcards he receives from his friend Michael. It is amazing to see how DayZ became an important part of your friendship!





      Another thing that got my attention in this group was a bar in Birmingham, UK, run by Jessica Mitchel  who, as a true fan, decorated the bar windows with DayZ style stickers. 



      I would like to invite you to a RP event on the Aftermath server which will take place next Wednesday. What is it about?

      "Scientists have been carrying out experiments on the residents of Svetlojarsk. Slowly the residents started to notice people becoming sick and ‘turning.’ Information was leaked to the residents that scientists were going to visit the city to see the final result. The remaining residents held a secret meeting, they bought weapons off the black market and planned to capture the scientists to demand a vaccine for their friends and family. Worried that there may not be enough to go around, the civilians not only intended to capture the scientists but also kill anyone else who knew about the virus!"

      If the story got you interested, don’t not forget to sing up, because the server is whitelisted. You can find more information on their web pages[aftermathdayzrp.com].

      As a last thing, I wanted to show you a beautiful screenshot of the town of Novodmitrovsk in an unusual resolution made by Reddit user NeuroticEUROtic. It is definitely worth sharing!


      That is all from me for today. Make sure not to miss the next Status Report, where we will give you more information about the upcoming stream and Gamescom.  Enjoy the summer!

      Header image by disastrouscluck.

      - Baty / Community Manager
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    •   Surprised you found that much loot in server 3. But apologies for destroying your base in that case. It is just ridiculous how much gear is on this server, it is more like a mil SIM rather than a survival game.   Best to use drums for gear stashes. Easier to hide. There will be no shortage of drum spawns on server 1 & 2 with 4 hour persistence resets now happening as of tomorrow I think, so if you have trouble finding them on server 3 try one of the others, everyone else seems to, lol.
    • I only play on server 3 because i hate persistence resets and love first person PVP. All the gear was from my adventures over the past weeks on server 3.
    •   I think there has been 4 large camps and several small stashes so far.   It is INSANE how much loot there is stashed on Pipsi 3. Most tents we find are full of kitted out military weapons etc. Most people don't even seem to be trying to hide them that well either.   Out of curiosity. Were you storing loot from server 1 & 2 or was it gear collected on server 3 that you had.   
    • Yep, that was it... ;( oh well, how many camps did you end up finding? I guess its time to start making camps on the whitelisted server haha
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