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    • Mach

      Date: Saturday, 21st of October, 2017 
      Time:  7PM AEDT 
      Time Conversion:
      NZ: 9pm  NSW/TAS/VIC: 7pm QLD: 6pm NT: 5:30pm SA: 6:30pm WA: 4pm  
      Server: PIPSI.NET Private Hive #2 (Will be renamed on the day) 
      A military helicopter carrying vital information regarding the outbreak and possible cure for the zombie infection has crash landed in the vast wasteland forests of Chernarus. An emergency broadcast was made seconds before the crash, containing the grid reference of its location. The helicopter was headed to the Rocket Corporation HQ, the origin of the Zombie Infection. It is suspected they had on board a possible cure for the outbreak. However, their intent was to strengthen the virus. The elite Rocket Task Force that was on board the helicopter will be carrying the information from its downed location to Rocket Corporation HQ. It is your job to intercept, kill them, and deliver the possible cure to the medical Quarantine Zone whilst fending off any other groups that may try to get in your way. 
      General game and server rules apply  No Hacking / Cheating / Exploiting / Ghosting / Combat Logging Do not attempt to kill the referee admin who is to receive the cure (they will be dressed in red and at the Quarantine Zone) First person only event  Players are not to camp in or directly around the Quarantine Zone or Rocket HQ Participating squad member limit: 4 Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of or gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be dealt with accordingly (Public spanking)  Remember that in order to participate in the event you must be in the PIPSI.NET Teamspeak server on the day and must be registered on the website  All members of your team must be registered to the website  Your Teamspeak name must be the same as your DayZ ingame name, otherwise you will be kicked to make room for more players. 

      Teamspeak IP:  ts.pipsi.net
      How is works:
      On the event start, the grid reference (coordinates) that correspond to the location of the downed helicopter and its cargo will be broadcaster over ingame chat. 
      These 6 digits will be calibrated to match the map on dayzdb.com/map .
      It is your job to intercept and kill the task force, collecting the possible cure. Each member of the Rocket Task Force will have a cure inside of their backpacks. 
      The group that has the cure must deliver it to the Quarantine Zone. 
      You must fend off any groups of survivors who may attempt to take the cure off of you. 
      Upon reaching the Quarantine Zone, there will be an easily identifiable admin who you must give the cure to. 
      At this point if you manage to do so, you have won the event.
      The referee Admin will ask for your name/clan and will contact you via teamspeak.
      All other groups will have to try to intercept and kill the survivors who have the package to deliver the cure themselves.
      If the Rocket Task Force makes it to the Rocket Corporation HQ, they will hold down and defend the building until the possible cure is taken from them. 

      This is a first in best dressed style event. In order to register for the event you must reply to this topic with the following information:
      The list of players in this event will be posted in this thread.
      Subs gain priority in events, the teams with the most subs will gain the first spots. 
      (1 post per squad, only one person needs to reply with the list of participants names int heir squad) 
      Respond to this post with the following: 

      Winning Team :   TBA
      Most Kills :   TBA
      PIPSI Prizes are awarded in PIPSI Points which can be spend on steam games, ingame cosmetics, PC gear/accessories and more !
      @ www.pipsi.net/store
      Please keep up to date on the store ! New items come and go all the time.
      Current items include Headsets, Mouse Pads, Keyboards, Mice, Steam Games, CS;GO Skins, Stickers + MORE ! 
      Teams :
      1. Rocket Task Force [4] 
      2. Quarantine Zone Admin [1] 
      3. TAC [4]
      4. The Hecksagones [2]
      5. BB [4]
      6. Gods In Progress [3]
      7. ASK [4]
      8. Eli's Bitches [3]
      9. The Boongers [2]
      10. Wolf Pack [4]
      11. NoNames [4]
      12. Fleshy Mammals [4]
      13. PA [1]
      14. Sprite Dogs [4]
      15. AA [4]

    • Mach

      Remember this Event is hosted on a Private Hive, So all gear you use in the event needs to be looted on the PIPSI.NET PvP Server (Separate Hive) 
      PIPSI Subs and Donators priority seats for all pipsi events! 
      If it wasn't for them we would not be where we are today.
      Saturday the 23rd of September 2017     |       7pm AEST (GMT +10) 
      NZ: 9PM NSW/TAS/VIC/QLD: 7PM NT/SA: 6:30PM WA: 5PM  

      (Will be named in the browser something similar to " [EVENT] PIPSI.NET Operation Primitive Melee Only " 
      The mission for this event is for players to go head to head in a primitive battle in Chernarus. All players will be limited to what weapons they can bring for the event which will be listed below. All players must come to the event with their chosen weapons and clothing. Any clothing items are permitted for this event, wear as much or as little clothes as you would like. All players will get 3 lives. This means after you have been killed 3 times in the battle, you must log out and leave the server. This will be monitored closely by admins. 
      The player with the most kills at the end of the event will be declared the winner. 
      The event will be capped at 2 hours, all players will have this amount of time to gain as many kills as possible.

      - All players must be on teamspeak 20-15 minutes before event start 
      - All players must be in the location before event start
      - The server will be locked and passworded before the brief 
      - Brief will start at 7pm AEST, if you are not in the brief you can not participate in the event
      - All players must only use the weapons permitted in this post, if they are found using any other form of weapons they will be banned
      - All players must be registered to the website, otherwise prizes will not be handed out to them
      - All players can wear whatever clothing they would like, as well as backpacks/vests and helmets etc
      - You can bring as much or as little medical gear and food/drink as you desire
      - The person with the most kills is the winner
      - There will be tents with a few melee weapons all over the location 

      Anyone caught attempting to ruin the fun of the event or gain an unfair advantage over others will be dealt with accordingly. 
      General game and server rules apply: 
      No Hacking/ No Cheating/ No Exploiting / No Ghosting / No Combat Logging 
      DISCONNECT once your 3 lives are up (respawning to get a better spawn doesnt count as a 'life') 
      If your game crashed, you must inform an admin you are restarting. 
      Do not spoil the fun for any other players
      No Firearms !!!! 

      All gaming server rules, website rules and teamspeak rules can be found at: pipsi.net/rules
      This event is now a solo event.
      In order to participate in this event, you must register below with a reply to this topic with the following information:

      Most individual kills overall: TBA 
      Most kills in 1 individual life: TBA
      Event Map Area:

      Players in the event:
      - FRancium
      - Just Chillin
      - Ayahuasca
      - Mikey
      - XOX
      - Roz
      - VeggieAssassin
      - AudioAttack
      - Johni
      - Epsilon
      - UndeadTurd
      - Lil Windex
      - EloquenT ChicKz
      - HAGImite
      - Mike Hunt (sassy)
      - Sharky203
      - Quinny656
      - Caboose Rooster
      - John Paine
      - SneakyyGeko
      - Verno78910
      - Lachlan 
      - Sabre
      - Let it Rip
      - Ghillie
      - Tomysax
      - Busta
      - Sweza