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      11th of February 2017    |     8PM AEDT (GMT +11) 
      Time Conversion: 
      ● NZ: 10pm
      ● NSW/TAS/VIC: 8pm
      ● QLD: 7pm
      ● NT/SA: 6:30pm 
      ● WA: 5pm 
      Official PIPSI.NET Private Hive #3 First Person    [Server will be renamed on the day to PIPSI.NET Event: Sole Survivor] 
      Server will be locked prior to the event and wiped, a backup of persistence will occur before hand so rest assure to all those with bases that they will be restored once event it over. 
      This is a first in best dressed styled event. Subscribers to PIPSI.NET do get priority in the events that we hold. Register below to secure your spot. 
      How The Game Works: 
      The objective for the survivors is to be the last man or woman standing at the end of the event. With 3 zones in a hunger games type based arena, all players will fight for their lives and attempt to gear themselves over the space of the event for battle. There will be over admins scattered along the edges of the zones enforcing the boundary. Anyone found out of the boundary will have warning shots and messages stated to them, or an admin may approach them to inform them of their misdirection. If survivors are out of the boundary and fail to comply after first contact made, they will be shot on site. The admins will be dressed in all red ! Do not kill any admins ! If a survivor is to kill an admin they will be banned from the event, any future events as well as the DayZ servers. 

      A mountain of loot will be located in the middle of the starting circle. Players can either rush to these when the timer signals, or they can opt to go loot towns elsewhere or attempt to locate barrels marked on the map that are scattered around the area. After zone 2 is engaged, the loot in the initial middle circle will be refilled and ready to obtain.
      Info/Step By Step:
      ● The server will be locked  hours prior to the event in order for everyone who has not already, to run their characters up to the location and loot on the way
      ● All players are required to make their DayZ name the same as their Teamspeak
      ● Once the server is locked there is to be no killing or injuring of any sort, no handcuffing or tying people up, no feeding players anything or blocking doorways/entrances 
      ● All players in the event must already have their characters up at the North East Airfield, infront of the hanger 
      ● All players must bring clothing items (up to 4 slots (eg jeans, medic jacket etc)) as well as additional gear in a backpack/guns to donate to the loot that will be dispatched
      ● The more gear brought by players, the more there will be scattered around the map 
      ● All participants in the event must be in the brief room when the brief is delivered otherwise they will not be able to join 
      ● All players will be required to drop their gear for the admins to check over and place within the warehouse 
      ● Players will then line up in a circle around the starting pile of gear and wait for the countdown 
      ● Zone 1 will be in play for 45 minutes, zone 2 will then commence after that for another 45 minutes, and the final zone will be a battle ground to determine the winner
      ● Barrels will be located all over the map, either with good gear in them or useless items. To run the risk of going to the barrels or not is up to you
      ● This is a free for all event, but through the use of ingame chat players are allowed to team up. Anyone found using other communication methods other than ingame chat will be permanently banned from the servers and any future events
      ● All admins will be dressed in all red gear
      ● Once you die, please make your way to the dead room in the teamspeak
      TEAMSPEAK IP :    ts.pipsi.net

      There will be a briefing on teamspeak at the time of the event start where the password will be given out.
      If you are not present during the brief you will not be allowed to participate and a reserve will take their place. 
        In order to register for this event you must reply with the following: 


      ● No Hacking / Cheating / Exploiting / Wall Glitching / Ghosting / Combat Logging or Disconnecting then reconnecting at a later time
      ● If there is a need to disconnect due to game issues, make an admin aware before doing so. Same goes with if your game crashes
      ● Anyone who leaves the server and does not return in under 2 minutes will be removed from the game
      ● Do not attempt to kill or injure admins / referees wearing all red 
      ● You must remain in the boarders of the zones when competing. If you leave the zone you will be warned to move into it. Failure to comply will result in shooting on site
      ● Anyone found using external ways to communicate with other players and not using ingame will be banned permanently 
      ● Anyone found attempting to break the rules or ruin the fun will be removed from the event and dealt with accordingly. 
      ● Do not enter the warehouse/hanger building on the runway, this is an admin only building and you will be shot on site if you enter it
      ● No grenades, No landmines & No Explosives     
      If you have any questions, please ask any of the staff members on teamspeak or post on this thread.
      Players in this event:
      1. Mach
      2. DM4
      3. CyberBandit
      4. Dibbles
      5. Caboose or Tim Nye
      6. Dingo 
      7. Admin/Referee 
      8. Admin/Referee 
      9. Connor
      10. Karzen
      11. Jeck
      12. Donny
      13. Sabre 
      14. Scotty
      15. Sentinal 
      16. iwi Johni
      17. looseguygaming
      18. Aussiebonz
      19. Ghilliiee
      20. Greendevil
      21. JDay
      22. NiiteZ
      23. Blah
      24. King Brent
      25. TheIronMind
      26. Jazza
      27. Boydy73
      28. Unique
      29. Grim
      30. Alan
      31. Bundy
      32. [TE] yo-marky107
      33. Safi
      34. Larma
      35. Tank
      36. Kelley
      37. Frobe
      38. Vex
      39. FRAZE
      40. Epsilon
      41. Nigel
      42. Savage
      43. Kiza
      44. Szuriel
      45. Razo
      46. Africa
      47. Regulator 
      48. Elii
      49. Kenji-mon
      50. MrCorker
      51.  Krohnus
      52. Torquenstein
      53. OG GAZZA
      54. SirPinkman
      55. Eloquent ChicKz
      56. Medic Mic (doc)
      57. Epitaph48
      58. Uncle
      59. Frosty
      60. Raime
      1. Major_Howie
      2. Rule303
      3. NEKO
      4. Monk3yAids
      5. KappaNu
      6. Kenneth
      7. Soul
      8. Vladimir
      9. Wooftachoofta
      10. Towshe
      11. Muzoona
      12. Homicidal 
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      Website upgrades

      By Dibbles, in News,

      Last night we did a bunch of upgrades to the website and included a new theme for you to choose from!

      New theme preview
      You can select the theme down the bottom left corner of the website. We have also included a Fluid version or a fixed version.